Jeffrey Spekenbrink



PART OF THE EMPIRE / PLAGUE is a short timelapse film which shows the contrast between nature and city. Mixed feelings of both places will come up. The beauty of empty landscapes, combined with the harshness of the environment. How pristine are these places? Are there any places left on earth without traces of human beings?

From here the producer takes you to more populous places where the beauty of the city is shown, together with the feeling of euforia that comes from the realisation of being part of a mighty empire. On the other side there’s the nuisance of crowded places, and the realisation of being part of a plague. The feeling of anonymity, in a society in which everybody in his own world has to fulfill his own obligations to keep the big wheel of society turning.

The use of the medium “timelapse photography” gives the viewer the perspective of an observer standing outside of reality. From this viewpoint, motions and flows become apparent that would otherwise be left unnoticed.