Jurgen Kuipers



A retro style bike, a crossover between an electric bike and a reclining chair. The design has won an IBDC/IF award 2014 and was awarded as ‘Honorable Mention’ by Green Dot Awards.

Plane Part 19 & 77

Fascinated by building systems, molding techniques, copy errors and imperfection, Kuipers rescales 1:72 scale models back to it’s 100% scale. From the series ‘Objects & Vehicles’, these sculptures contain wheels of different historical and notorious airplanes. ‘Part 19’ Spitfire, ‘Part 77’ Helldiver.

Jurgen Kuipers is a sculptor and designer from Enschede, The Netherlands. With his fascination for nature, technics and mehanics he creates useful and useless objects, products and vehicles.