Maartje Dijkstra



(knowledge that is leaving to other places)

music by Newk

Important in her work is the combination between technology/progressiveness, styling and manual craftsmanship, that stands for individualism and uniqueness. The Dutch (northern) costume period of 1850 was the starting point of this project, specially made for the exhibition- Groninger dracht meets fashion tech- The golden parts of the design, inspired by a Dutch golden ear-iron from this time period, are connected to small robotics/motors with many white LED’s inside that move and flicker like a stroboscope, on the rhythms/beats of electronic music by composer Newk. Dark and melancholic electronic music is a big inspiration for her work. For this project Newk used sounds from an old big Dutch church organ and sounds from nature like the sea and ground shoveling to create an ominous soundtrack. The technical parts are developed in cooperation with technology artists Neon&Landa.

The bombastic/sculptural design is build up in two different layers, melted into one story. The black parts of the dress are totally manual 3D printed/illustrated with a 3Doodler, with a structure that is inspired by Chitin, the building material of exoskeletons like insects. The many small manual printed parts are connected by hand with black wires. The golden elements are 3D printed, designed together with Vincent Mensink and 3D printed by Oceanz, out of white Nylon filament, finished with a special golden spray paint. The golden elements are looking smooth but they have a extra effect/dimension. They are semi transparent, with an even more transparent detail of lines inside, that are only visible when the lights turn on. The robotics/moving parts give the design an animal-like feeling, like its breathing, taking in in the sounds and sending it back into the world.