Plummer/Fernandez & Deswaef


How does an artificial intelligence learn to make art? Probably they learn through looking at other art and departing from what they see out there, just like human artists. Shiv Integer by Matthew Plummer-Fernandez and Julien Deswaef shows how this could happen. Shiv Integer is a software bot that grabs open source 3D designs from the Internet and recombines them to create a new object. The bot has created more than 300 designs already. It makes about 2 per day.

Matthew Plummer-Fernandez is a Colombian-British artist living in London. He makes playful critical art he calls “socio-cultural entanglements with technology”. He runs a blog called algopop. Julien Deswaef is a Belgian artist living in New York working under the pseudonym Juego. He works as among others DJ and software artist/ Plummer-Fernandez and Deswaef collaborate for Shiv Integer on Github. Both artists also work on generative approaches to 3D printing.