The Cyborg Art Collective


The Ultimate Exhibition

The Cyborg Art Collective strives for art that bridges the gap between science/philosophy and the general culture. Focusing on digital technologies we research subjects of automation of creativity, virtual reality, and autonomy of the computer programs. Questioning the technology’s actorship and with it, its control over, and influence on our understanding of the world. The Cyborg Art Collective plays within this digital domain to create art that in its decision making is based on different layers of rules and conventions. We also provide specific ways of interacting with our work, and its virtual domain, to blur the lines between the control of the user and the program.

The Cyborg Art Collectives aim is not to simply make artworks about the subject matter, rather we strive to generate knowledge and provide insights. Simultaneously working with the digital technologies, and letting it work for us. Revealing the possibilities and limits of this systematic logic that can be found in all these devices.

The Cyborg Art Collective beliefs when it comes to actorship, there is not a hard line between the technology and the user. We state that it’s an interlinked system that works between both entities. In art, we try to create a new form of art practise that generates valuable knowledge and inside in our everyday lives!