Valery Vermeulen



Mikromedas is a new data-driven musical project in which compositions are elaborated using data from space and deep space in a radically new way.

In the project compositions are produced using sampled radio astronomical data coming from various sources e.g. data stemming from several spacecrafts such as Voyager1 and Voyager2 or data originating from various astrophysical objects such as pulsar stars (which might be up to 22000 years old). Other sources that are used in the composition process include synthesized sounds as wel as data feeds from satellites turned into sound and music using newly developed sonification techniques.

With the realisation of Mikromedas totally approaches and visions are being developed and elaborated how to use data from space and deep space as new tools for music composition and performance. During live performances the compositions are remixed and combined with the sonified live data feeds coming from various satellites revolving earth.