Yolande Willink


Area 51

Visual Explorer, Sensual, Provocative, Empathic, Stubborn, Sensitive, Lost, Kinky, Sweet, Expressive, Underground, Observer, Raw, Stubborn (again), Black, Sparkling, Image maker, Courage, Sexy, Power, Eccentric, Unique, Relaxed, Strong, Black (again), Young, Impulsive, Disarmed, Bizar, Sweet (again), Surprising, Feminin, Alienator, Ero, Solo, Silent, ME, Ageless, Realistic, Complex, Introvert, Artistic.

This is what people who know me, think about me. When I asked them to do so…

I am not an “average” artist. Sometimes I don’t make art for weeks/months/years. And then, when the circumstances are right, I produce.

And here it is.

For TEC ART I made two photographic works and used an abandoned factory, the props I dreamed about, the intergalactic theme I love, the people I wanted to work with and ME.
Come and check it out @ Keilepand 9A Rotterdam