Zombie Apocalypse Arena


It is the year 2080, more than thirty years after The Singularity. Humanity has fallen apart in the assimilated, the adapted or the cyborgs on one side, and the rebels, the useless, but also the lost, the junkies and the street robbers on the other. Independent media only exist deeply underground. Thinking is left to machines. There is no work for unmodified humans. Masses od unemployed are pacified withinjectable nano games and virtual drugs as much as possible. Many more or less accidentally overdose. They roam around like zombies, staring mindlessly or attacking everything raging with hunger. It leads to lawlessness and chaos outside the zones controlled by artificial intelligences. Houses are barricaded. People are heavily armed. The street is unsafe. To get from A to B everyone uses armored vehicles. Anything possible and at hand is used to build these vehicles. A new form of expression develops: make yourself and your vehicle look as impressive and dangerous possible, whether your armor is strong or not.