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Swift MC

Drum & Bass / Dubstep

Every now and then you come across an MC who actually complements the music, Swift is certainly one of them. With his distinctive voice Swift brings something extra to the table. Swift is mostly known as a Drum and bass & Dubstep MC, but he actually fits any type of bassheavy music.

Hailing from the urban jungle that is Rotterdam, Swift unexpectedly became one of Hollands most prolific MC’s. Starting as an MC by accident, from the first second he picked up a mic there was no denying his talent.

Within the following year Swift became a resident at some of the biggest and respectable dubstep and drum and bass events. But it didn’t stop there. Swift has joined the stage with some of the biggest dj’s all over Europe and his first physical release is right around the corner.

This MC knows how to work a crowd and is eager to keep on learning, but more importantlY he knows when to let the music do the talking.



Olaf De Rooij, more commonly known by his alias Korrupt, is a man of very many talents. The Rotterdam-based musician made his name as a DJ, producer and promoter having first discovered what he calls ‘dark underground music’ in early 2004. Soon after, he became known to the many deep, dark and minimal bass music fans on SoundCloud as the guy who left extremely detailed track reviews, often found lurking at the end of tunes on the platform. It was thanks to these reviews that he was spotted by the FatKidOnFire crew, who took him on as their in-house music critic.”

“In the years since, Korrupt’s talent repertoire has been vastly enhanced. Today sees him as one of FKOF’s A&R managers, responsible for finding the freshest and most exciting producers in bass music. He’s also hosts the monthly “FKOF Sessions” on Fokus.FM and can be found playing the finest minimal bass music in dances across Europe. Korrupt also finds time to freelance as an audio engineer fresh out of SAE Institute Rotterdam


Drum ‘n’ Bass DJ from Rotterdam.
Has played sets at PRSPCT, Subway XL and more.


With more than 12 years of constant work on his own musical and artistic visions in the studio (both audio and video) Germany’s Misanthrop is no stranger to the international Drum & Bass scene at all.

He was caught up by the dark sounds and menacing beats of drum and bass in the early nineties, when he decided to produce his own tracks under the moniker Misanthrop. His trademark is without a doubt a combination of experienced production skills and musical intuiton paired with unlimited need for creative and technical progression !

With his hard hitting and distinctive sound his back catalogue ranges from successful releases on Division, Shogun Audio, OWSLA, Mau5trap, Renegade Hardware, Shadow Law, Cyanide, Subtitles Music and his own imprint Neosignal Recordings.

As DJ, the Hamburg based musician has toured most of the worlds DnB locations, clubs and festivals. His sets are known for flawless mixing, deep cutting edge funk and enough energy to split an atom.
His music gains steady support by international top acts like Amon Tobin, Noisia, Skrillex, Foreign Beggars, Andy-C, Koan Sound, Friction, Goldie, Skream, Alix Perez, Rockwell, Phace, Mefjus etc.

Misanthrop is more as one to watch, he has always been around and just waited for the right moment to step out of the shade.